the king and i

the king and i
sister selfie
Is it really good to be king?
The whole idea seems full of countless traps of the ego and attachment to a cherished outcome. But then what situations don’t bring those challenges?

After experiencing what Buddhists refer to as samvega last summer~a cataclysmic transformative shift has occurred within me. In spite of the immense suffering I endured, I am grateful.

No longer will I contort myself to fit the reality of others. No longer will I seek the reflection and approval of others to find my truth and happiness. I will continue to follow the path of that first painful lesson which is treat all others with kindness, and do my best to have compassion. Especially for those who cause me the greatest harm.

A true king is not someone seeking power and control, but one who is kind and generous. Someone who inspires. And while my intent is to be kind, generous and inspire, I do not wish to be king.

To quote the Fleet Foxes song Helplessness Blues: “I’d rather be a functioning cog in some great machinery serving something beyond me.”

Thanks to that cataclysmic shift~and a very generous and loving king who took me to Sedona for a goddess retreat with Krystina Morgainee~I am well on my way to clarity about what is meaningful to me.

Focusing on what Seth Godin calls ‘the work’…finally having a clarity and direction of where my work needs to live.

The King and I are bonded by more than being sisters. Her soul type and mine, Warrior, are coupled together as action-oriented beings. I am learning to stay clear of any bullish tendencies I may have previously had the compulsion to act out. My sister rarely struggles with tyrannical behavior~though dysfunctional family dynamics and the tyranny of others can still hook her shenpa BIG time.

I am so grateful to have taken this path, and so honored to be taking it with her. It’s a spiritual two-fer! So thank you Sissy for your generous nature, unconditional love, respect, sharing, support, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.