turkey wandering & wonders

turkey wanderings and wonders
An unexpected gift came to me this morning in the form of a beautiful female turkey wandering along the road as I was driving to work.illo386I rolled down my window to speak to her. What a pretty girl you are! I’m worried about you being so close to the road. She gently looked at me and listened patiently. I was concerned about leaving her.

Suddenly a neighbor I didn’t know appeared and scooped her up. I rolled down my other window to ask “is she wild or yours?” She was indeed his turkey, and had started wandering due to the loss of her male companion who had been killed by a fox.

Following a friendly and delightful exchange about this beautiful gal, I found myself wondering…

What message did this lovely lady have for me?

The turkey as a spirit totem is a reminder to nurture a harmonious relationship with nature. To honor the sources of our physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. To embrace the fullness of life–rather than attempt to seek happiness through the accumulation of things. It symbolizes generosity and the value of our connection with community and with Mother Earth.

And for me personally, a much-needed reminder of the value of taking pause. My attunement to nature convinced me to follow my curiosity and concern, and rewarded me with simple yet profound wonders.

With much gratitude to my feathered friend.


3 thoughts on “turkey wandering & wonders

  1. I love insights from daily life and the natural world where so much truth can find us. It struck me that in one moment the turkey walked free in its own space and in the next submitted willingly to the arms of its care giver. Thanks for this lovely post and an opportunity to stop and ponder.

  2. Sassy says:

    Keep these little tidbits coming! I get so excited when I see there is a new piece to enjoy. What a lovely start to your day to meet that gal!

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